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Our commitment

Sustainable and secure energy supplies, efficient use and / or reuse of waste as well as treatment and purification of sewage is the key task our civilization is facing today. A growing world population and a corresponding increase in demand for energy, a higher waste and sewage volume on the one hand, and shrinking deposits of natural resources, water, and energy on the other hand are drastically endangering the economic development and welfare of future generations.

The creation of sustainable energy, sewage and waste concepts will be a basic component of a responsible development and energy policy in the future.

Biomass and biowaste power plants play an important role within regenerative energies. In the future, the importance of residual material fermentation, the optimisation of existing fermentation plants, and the optimal use of gas and heat will increase considerably. On the other hand, large-scale fermentation plants or combined plants with gas feeding are to be implemented at sites with substrate potential, since this is the most efficient form of biomass use.

The main task with regard to this kind of sustainability concepts will be to reconcile economy, ecology and reliability of supply. The basic concept and the procedural layout of these concepts play a decisive role.