Your engineering office for fermentation plants,
thermal engineering and process optimization.

Range of services

Greenline specialises in designing, planning and technically realising waste and fermentation plants as well as heat / gas utilization and disposal concepts. In addition, we support and optimise facilities with regard to technology and biology.

Greenline pools its expertise from planning and operating plants in the agricultural, waste and energy sector. This results from many years of experience in the design, implementation and management of mills, biomass plants and supply networks, as well as the engineering of large-scale process systems in the area of fermentation, waste and wastewater. As a planner and supervisor, Greenline offers you a competent team as well as fresh and creative ideas based on this experience.

We develop project outlines, feasibility studies, due diligence and profitability calculations for all types of process engineering and energy management systems. We design fermentation plants for agricultural residues, renewable raw materials, food scraps, organic waste and sewage sludge. We develop gas utilisation concepts for power generation or feed-in. We design heat usage concepts for drying, heating networks or industrial utilisation. We realise your plant as project controller or general planner.

We would like to contribute the experience that we have acquired in numerous projects since the owner-operated engineering office has been established in 2006 in order to successfully accompany your project or facility. Due to an experienced background and a specialised network, our team of engineers in the fields of agricultural engineering, industrial and mechanical engineering, and energy technology enables us to realise an optimised project and to implement in an innovative, efficient and targeted way.

  • Project planning
  • Flex analysis
  • Profitability calculations
  • Approval management
  • Independent plant dimensioning
  • Civil engineering planning
  • Container design
  • Process-related design
  • Pipeline planning
  • Piping and instrumentation planning
  • Heat calculations
  • Function descriptions
  • Automation planning
  • Compilation of specifications
  • Power supply planning
  • Network cost analysis
  • Operational safety
  • Construction supervision
  • General planning
  • General contractor